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What is a Constructability Review?
A constructibality review is a multi-disciplinary examination of the plans and specifications for the purpose of catching potential change orders, uncoordinated disciplines, errors, omissions and impossible-to-build elements. If left unaddressed these oversights and mistakes lead to confusion, change orders and RFI's. Fewer of these unfortunate items means fewer scheduling delays and cost overruns.

At its heart, constructibality is about coordinating the numerous disciplines. Change orders result when one discipline fails to account for the work of another. Our reviews ensure that each trade is is cross-checked with others.

When should a review be performed?
Several weeks before a project goes out to bid--reviews can take anywhere from two to four weeks to complete and the designers need time to revise their plans and specifications.

What about DSA and OSHPD?
Before it goes to DSA or OSHPD (California entities)-- CSS typically reviews projects that are at the 90-95% CD phase. In California, our reviews typically coincide with DSA or OSHPD submittal and are complete well before the state agencies finish their work.

What else to consider?
CSS also provides comprehensive backchecking services to ensure that the revised plans and specifications fully address our concerns and integrate our solutions.
Constructability Explained

Our reviews will save you far more than they cost. The chart above shows a breadown of findings for a typical school project. There is a tangible savings in reduced change orders and scheduling delays.

Then there is an intangible savings of less RFI's, a smoothly running project, an efficient contractor, and trades that are working well together.

Click on the link below for a sample of the many criteria we consider in a review:

Constructability Checklist and Handbook

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Typical Breakdown of A Project's Errors and Omissions.
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